Bird and Flower Garden Art Wreath

Bird and Flower Garden Art Wreath


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Additional Information

Wren Garden Ornament Adds Movement and Charm

  • Charming wren-and-flower garden ornament adds cheer all year
  • Hang anywhere — on a wall or fence, from an eave, branch, pergola, or even a feeder
  • Handmade and aged to a natural patina

Crafted from an original design, this hanging ornament will add a lovely touch of personality to your home or garden. Wrens are generally small and inconspicuous birds, but they can belt out complex songs at a surprising volume. They belong to the Troglodytidae family, a name derived from — you guessed it — troglodyte, which means 'cave dweller.' Some wrens forage for food in dark nooks and crevices, hence the name. Handmade from weathering steel, this wren is taking a break from bug-hunting and enjoying a blooming garden. Suspend from a branch or eave to let it sway and spin in a breeze, or hang it on a wall or fence to add interest.

Product Details

  • Hand-rusted, high-grade steel
  • 10-1/4" W x 12-3/4" H x 3/4" D
  • Weatherproof

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