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NEW | Warming Ballerina Slippers are a Cozy Cure for Cold Feet

  • Classic and cozy ballet slippers have an ingenious insole you can warm in the microwave
  • Seeds and lavendar in the handcrafted insole feel supportive and smell relaxing
  • So relaxing and comfortable, they make every day feel like a day at the spa

They're cute, cuddly and infused with relaxing herbal aroma, but these slippers' real appeal is hidden inside: Their removable, handcrafted seed- and lavender-filled insoles can be warmed in the microwave to create a cozy escape for cold toes! Simply heat them up any time you want to enjoy the relaxing sensation and refreshing lavender scent.

Product Details

  • 100% polyester, EVA anti-skid bottom, lavender, seed
  • Extra Small fits women's sizes 4 - 5.5
  • Small fits women's sizes 6 - 7.5
  • Medium fits women's sizes 8 - 9.5
  • Large fits women's sizes 10 - 11.5

I would not buy this product, in its present form.


VERY painful unless one stays in a recliner and doesn't move. Nice and warm, though. Here's why they're painful. The way the lavender in its liner redistributes itself under the foot makes for lumps and pressure points when one is standing or walking. Ow! In addition, the liner is too small for the slipper, and also it tends to redistribute itself - the result is that one's heel is lower than the rest of the sole, making for muscle cramps in the arch, the Achilles, and the calf. A better product would be one it which the liner was as large as the inner surface of the slipper, and with many lines of stitching both across and along the length of the liner so that the lavender would stay distributed evenly within it. It's a good idea but not good to walk in at all, in its current form. Inventors who devise these products should be forced to wear them for long periods of time - in the evening when their feet are tired, or around the house on a Saturday while doing housework tasks, so as to trouble-shoot and refine the design before marketing commences.


Sacramento, CA


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