AquaSav™ Bel Air Wall Planter, 15”

AquaSav™ Bel Air Wall Planter, 15”


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Additional Information

Wall Planter is Practically Self-Watering

  • A natural hayrack look with less work
  • Inner water-retaining layer
  • Flowers thrive all season long

Developed for the commercial nursery trade, AquaSav™ liners require 50% less watering compared with other fiber baskets — because they retain enough water to keep soil moist. The secret is in a recycled plastic liner sandwiched between two layers of coco fiber, which is pest- and fungus-resistant, and biodegradable too!

Product Details

  • Steel basket with dark finish
  • Liner is natural coir with 100% post-consumer recycled plastic layer
  • 15" L x 6" W x 8" H
  • Holds 5 quarts of potting mix
  • Weighs 1.72 lbs.