Additional Snip-n-Spray Sprinklers, Set of 2

Additional Snip-n-Spray Sprinklers, Set of 2


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Exclusive | Additional Sprinklers for the Garden and Landscape Sprinkler System

  • Add up to 2 additional sprinklers to your Snip-n-Spray Garden and Landscape Sprinkler System
  • A 5-sprinkler system performs best on water systems with 50 to 65 PSI of water pressure
  • Set of 2 sprinklers

These additional sprinklers allow you to expand your Snip-n-Spray Garden and Landscape Sprinkler System, up to a maximum of five sprinklers per sprinkler system. Performs best on water systems with 50 to 65 PSI of water pressure. When setting up the sprinkler system with five sprinklers, use the Y-Connector, included in the Snip-N-Spray Garden & Landscape Sprinkler System, to make the system into the loop pattern described in the instructions, and set each sprinkler's spray arc to 50 degrees or less.

Product Details

  • Polypropylene, plastic
  • 10" L x 3" W x 1-1/2" deep overall, including 5-1/2" ground stake
  • Spray arc adjusts from 5 to 360 degrees
  • Flow control valve on each sprinkler
  • Gardener's Supply Exclusive

Nice and easy.


This is easy to connect to the hose and comes with an end plug that can be removed. It is easy to set the degrees of watering and the flow valve. If set at 360 degrees, having four or five units is about right and the flow needs to be reduced on the first two.


Parker, CO


Great sprinkler heads!


Spray adjustable to needs & on/off switch deliver big Amy water quickly

Kathy the gardener

Horace, ND


Dot it yourself sprinkler system


I recently installed three separate Snip-N-Spray Sprinkler systems in some of our gardens which are not yet fitted with automatic systems/controls. The ability of these Snip-N-Spray systems to water in various configurations to meet the needs is quite good and the ease of installation is a real plus. I also was able to add on three additional sprinkler heads to extend the watering configuration. However, I would not extend each of these lines further than 50 ft. as if you need full spray force (even if you have normal water pressures) the end sprinklers will not be as effective. This has been a very effective interim solution as we wait for the completion of our massive grounds automatic irrigation systems to be completed. In fact, our gardener wants to pull these Snip-N-Spray units up and use them at his home when we are no longer in need of them. Until then, they are working terrifically and if you add a timer to the water supply, you can set and forget the task.

Irrigation Needed in Seattle too!

Seattle, WA


They work!


I had bought the kit previously to water my flower garden better. They are easy to install and adjust and perform as promised unlike a lot of other watering devices. Hopefully they will also survive Colorado winters.


Aurora, Colorado


Would buy again


I have them around flower bed in front of house. I would recommend putting them in closer to sprinkled area as to not trip over or hit accidendly with lawn mower. We have had to replace a couple. Other than that they work great.


Millbrook, al


Great for watering larger areas


In addition to the snip n drip systems we are using these sprinkler heads to cover a wider area.


Downers Grove


Look and work great


Easy to install and work well for our little garden- Much cheaper than installing a full system- these are often mistaken for professional products. Worth the price!

DIY Vince

Alexandria VA


I would recommend these again


We use them in our raised beds. We control how far they spread by the pressure in the hose that feeds them. Love the new ideas that you come up with


Sheldon VT


Extra heads definitely came in handy


Extra heads for better water coverage


Horace, ND


replacement part for sprinkler system


My poor storage practices over winter broke one of my sprinklers to my system. Item was easy to find online and came quickly.




Additional Snip-n-Spray Sprinklers, Set of 2

4.6 45


Product Instructions
Download instructions for Additional Snip-n-Spray Sprinklers, Set of 2 as a PDF