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    Japanese Beetle Traps

  • Japanese Beetle Trap
    More Details The double-bait system, which includes a food/floral attractant and a pheromone lure, entices Japanese beetles to enter the trap, where they end up in the collection bag. When the bag is full, you simply dispose of it, bag and all — unlike other traps that are a hassle to empty and clean. The trap has a loop on top so you can hang it from a tree limb or a stake (not included). The hourglass ...
  • Japanese Beetle Trap Replacement Bags
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    Keep extra bags on hand so your Japanese Beetle Trap is always ready to control these damaging insect pests.

  • Japanese Beetle Killer
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    Japanese beetles are voracious eaters and can cause extensive damage to many garden and landscape plants by skeletonizing leaves and ruining flowers. This pyrethrin-based insecticide is an effective way to control these pests. In addition to controlling Japanese beetles, it also controls cucumber beetles, flea beetles, cabbageworms, Colorado potato beetles, and more. Comes in a convenient, ready-to-use 32-ounce spray bottle.

  • Beneficial Nematodes Combo Pack
    More Details Beneficial nematodes are naturally occurring microorganisms that actively seek out stationary pests in their larval or pupal stages. They do this to create an environment rich in nutrients for their own reproduction — as long as you have the target pests in your garden, these nematodes will keep chasing them down. While they are parasitic to pests, they do not impact or harm people, pets, plants, wildlife, birds, or aquatic life. And, since they eliminate ...
  • Stoneware Ladybug Castle
    More Details Ladybugs need a safe haven in which to lay their eggs and ensure their developing larvae reach adulthood. One of the most beneficial — and adorable — bugs to invite to the garden, they'll happily feast on aphids, beetle larvae, thrips, whiteflies, mites, and a number of other soft-bodied insects — and their eggs! Encouraging a thriving population of ladybugs will help keep your garden healthy and growing, and this handcrafted stoneware castle does exactly ...
  • Milky Spore 40 Oz.
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  • Ladybug Starter Pack
    More Details NOTE: To ensure live delivery, please place your order when temperatures in your region are expected to be between 60-80° F and you can be on hand to receive your shipment. Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. They may look tiny and adorable, but they're also voracious predators who'll happily feast on all that's bugging your precious plants! They'll chow down on aphids, beetle larvae, thrips, whiteflies, mites, and a number of other soft-bodied insects — ...
  • Beneficial Bugs Garden Pack
    More Details Launch an all-out offensive on a variety of above- and in-ground insect pests with this super-effective trio of beneficial organisms. Ladybugs and lacewings work in tandem to annihilate aphids, mealy bugs, whiteflies, moth eggs, leafhoppers and more. Keep plants with an abundance of nectar, pollen, and honeydew to encourage lacewings' propagation. Both lacewings and ladybugs will keep reproducing and feasting until the pest threat is gone. Nematodes will zone in on developing grubs, ...