2x8 Elevated Cedar Raised Bed

A Paint Box Garden
for Edible Plants

Designed by Ellen Ecker Ogden for the Elevated Cedar Raised Bed (2' x 8')

Mixing plants of varying heights will reward you with high productivity in a small space. Add colorful plants and you have a long-lasting paint box garden to bring visual as well as edible enjoyment. Plant a row of tall pole beans, flanked by lemon cucumber, for a dramatic vertical element. Add Lemon Gem marigolds and kale as accents, alternating with low-growing alpine strawberries to frame the edges.

Remember that frequent harvesting encourages more growth, so keep up with the harvest to guarantee abundance.


(A) Marigold
(B) Alpine strawberry
(C) Kale
(D) Pole bean
(E) Cucumber

For complete details on this plan — and a design for a 4' x 4' bed, read the article, Planting Plans for the Elevated Cedar Raised Beds.