No-Phos Fertilizer

No-Phos Fertilizer


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Protect Your Community's Water with No-Phos Fertilizer

Phosphorous runoff is the #1 cause of algae blooms that choke ponds, lakes and streams. Help reduce phosphorous runoff with No-Phos Fertilizer (6-0-6). It provides plenty of nitrogen and other nutrients for a lush green lawn, but it won't pollute waterways.

  • Phosphorous-free fertilizer protects waterways.
  • 100% natural and organic formula.
  • Provides nutrients for a lusher lawn, brighter flowers.
  • Use our Roto Spreader for easy application.

    Product Details

  • 25-lb bag covers 1,250 sq ft
  • All-natural 6-0-6 fertilizer
  • Contains granite meal, aragonite, sulfate of potash, nitrate of soda, feather meal


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