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The Greenhouse Gas Problem: It’s Everybody’s Business

Pico Bonito
Earth Carbon Offsets help prevent the destruction of forests.

Why is a gardening company getting involved in the subject of global warming? It’s simple: we believe that global warming is the most serious environmental problem our world faces. We believe, as most scientists do, that human activity is responsible. And we believe that every person—and every business, no matter what it sells—must help stop global warming.

At Gardener’s Supply, doing our share involved a three-step approach. First, we measured our current CO2 emissions using an independent auditing firm, Spring Hill Solutions. This very thorough audit includes CO2 related to heating, electricity, business travel and more. Most importantly, it included emissions from the printing and mailing of our catalogs.

Next, we began reducing emissions. We’ve installed energy-efficient lighting to reduce our electricity usage by 8 percent. We’ve increased recycling, and installed insulating panels around our building’s foundation. And we’ve established a green team to make sure we keep making improvements.

Earth Carbon Offsets
Earth Carbon Offsets make thoughtful holiday gifts. A personalized certificate will be sent to the recipient.

Finally, we neutralized the carbon impact of our printed catalogs by purchasing carbon offsets from Earth Carbon Offsets (ECOs). These unique offsets are a way to fund forestry projects that not only reduce carbon emissions, but have a host of other environmental benefits as well. This was an important step toward our eventual goal of carbon neutrality. Learn more about the unique benefits of ECOs.

Are you ready to reduce your carbon footprint? Here's how. The average American uses 10 tons of carbon per person, per year. Use our innovative Carbon Calculator to figure out your personal carbon footprint, then make a purchase. If you already know the amount you want, you can simply purchase Earth Carbon Offsets right now. During the year, look for opportunities to reduce you carbon emissions, and therefore, the amount you need to offset next year.

Have fun, and thanks for doing your part to turn the tide of global warming!