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Tabletop Light Garden

The GSC Tabletop Light Garden is made of a heavy-duty aluminum frame that provides superior strength and includes an integrated pull-chain adjustment system to make it easy to raise and lower the lights.

Whether you are growing seedlings, houseplants or a bed of lettuce, our four-foot light fixture with two SunLite® tubes, provides your plants with plenty of full-spectrum light.

You can assemble your Tabletop Light Garden and have it ready to use in less than an hour. The only tools you'll need are a Phillips screwdriver and pliers.

Tabletop Light Garden
Labeled Frame Parts:
A1 Side Frames with Cleat (2)
A2 Crossbars (2)
A3 Pully Crossbar (1)
A4 Side Base Frames (2)
Additional Parts:
48" Light Fixture (1)
4' SunLite Tubes (2)
Black Poly Tray (1)

Ball Chains (2)
Chain Connectors (4)
Split Rings, large (2)
Split Rings, small (2)
Phillips-head Bolts (8)
End Plugs (6)

Frame Assembly
Step 1. Lay out the (A1) Side Frames with cleat, (A2) Crossbars, and the (A4) Side Base Frames on a flat, clean surface.

Figure 2 Step 2. Connect an (A4) Side Base Frame to the end of each (A2) Crossbar using two Phillips-head bolts (Fig 1). Repeat this step to connect the second (A4) Side Base Frame to the other end of the (A2) Crossbars. Do not fully tighten the bolts on the frame until Step 4.

Step 3. Connect the (A1) Side Frames with Cleat to the (A4) Side Base Frames by placing a Phillips-head bolt up through the hole in the underside of the (A4) Side Base Frame. Make sure the nylon cleat on each (A1) Side Frame is facing out (Fig. 2).

Step 4. Insert a Phillips-head bolt through the bolt hole of the (A1) Side Frame into the Pulley Crossbar (Fig. 3). Do this on both ends of the (A3) Pulley Crossbar. Now that all frames are connected, fully tighten all the bolts on the frame.

Figure 3 Ball Chain Assembly
The Ball Chains and Split Rings must be connected before attaching the chains to the Light Fixture. Do not install the fluorescent tubes in the fixture until you have completed the entire chain assembly.

Step 5. Attach a Chain Connector to each of the large and small Split Rings (Fig. 4). Use pliers to pry open the split rings. (Needlenose pliers work best.) Then connect the last ball of each chain to a connector on the large Split Rings only. Put the chains aside for now.

Figure 4 Step 6. Take the loose end of one Ball Chain and thread it through the guide hole and over the pulley (Fig. 3). To make threading the chain easier, attach a long twist-tie or wire to the end of the chain to help lead the chain over the pulley.

Repeat this step with the second Ball Chain on the opposite end of the (A3) Pulley Crossbar.

Step 7. Insert the six End Plugs into the square-end openings of the frames. Place the Black Poly Tray on the table between the (A2) Crossbars. Place the Light Fixture on the poly tray, right side up.

Figure 5 Step 8. If you have not already attached the Chain Connectors to the small Split Rings, do this now. Then, take the end of each hanging chain from above and snap the last ball of each chain into the Chain Connectors.

Step 9. Find the two slots with the "T"-shaped tabs in the top of the Light Fixture. Hook the Split Rings around the "T"-shaped tabs.

Step 10. Check the Ball Chains to make sure they are free from obstruction and correctly positioned inside the lip of each pulley (Fig. 5).

Figure 6 Adjusting the Fixtures
Step 11. Adjust the height of the Light Fixture one side at a time. Pull the chain out of the guide hole horizontally instead of downward. This will allow you to adjust the height with the least amount of resistance and protect the guide hole from abrasion (Fig. 6).

Step 12. After you have raised the Light Fixture to the desired height, bring the chain down to meet the cleat. Lock the fixture in place by allowing the chain to "release" up into the grooves of the cleat (Fig.7).

To change the height, pull the chain down to release it from the grooves, then adjust the height as necessary, remembering to pull in a horizontal direction.

Figure 7 Installing the Lights
Step 13. It's important to install the light tubes correctly to ensure that they produce the optimum amount of light.

On the end of each tube you'll find two pins. These pins need to be seated correctly in the tube holders inside each end of the Light Fixture. Slide the pins into the tube holder vertically, then rotate the tube 90 degrees. You will feel the tube lock into place when the pins are correctly seated.

Step 14. Guide the power cord down the side frame, making sure it doesn't interfere with your ability to raise and lower the lights.

For best results, attach a timer to your lights so you can be sure your plants get adequate light – even if you're away. For manual control, use the pull switch located between the bulbs.

Precautionary Information
Use the power cord with a properly grounded electrical outlet only. Do not use with a two-plug outlet or extension cord unless the adapter you use is properly grounded.

If water is spilled near the power source, unplug the unit before you wipe up the water. Do not put objects on top of the frame or Light Fixture.

Care Instructions
Clean your Tabletop Light Garden by wiping down the frame with a damp cloth. The entire unit may be disassembled for storage.

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