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Get a one-year (12 issues) bonus subscription to Martha Stewart Living magazine (a $14.95 value) when you spend $35 or more on This offer does not apply to past purchases. This subscription will be sent to the customer’s billing address as a bonus. You will not be billed for the subscription, and your subscription will not be automatically renewed. If you have an existing Martha Stewart Living magazine subscription, it will be extended an additional 12 issues. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of your first issue.
If you would like to decline this subscription and receive a refund for its $14.95 value, send in your name and address and return this along with a copy of your online order receipt within 30 days of purchase to: Martha Stewart Living Refund Offer, P.O. Box 60015 Tampa, FL 33660-0015. Click here to print this form.



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