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What's the Better Tomato Support:
Ladders or Cages?


Cindy Goodenow, Vegetable Gardening Merchant, prefers Tomato Ladders.

"I have a small garden in my front yard. With ladders I can get more plants in a small space. They keep my garden looking tidy, too!"

Tomato Ladder


Tomato ladders and tomato cages


Kathy LaLiberte, Director of Gardening, trusts Tomato Cages.

"I set the cages up when I plant in May and come back when it's time to start picking. The plants are well-supported and I don't need to bother with pruning or tying."

Tomato Cage

What's Your Favorite Support?

Do you prefer cages, ladders, spirals, old-fashioned stakes or something of your own invention? Share your techniques by leaving a comment, below.

Last updated: 7/9/19