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Growing a Vegetable Garden This Year?

Plan for success and make every inch count.

Try the Kitchen Garden Planner
Try Our Kitchen Garden Planner

If want your vegetable garden to be as beautiful and bountiful as possible, we're here to help!

Our FREE interactive design tool — The Kitchen Garden Planner — makes it easier than ever to grow a vegetable garden that's super-productive and filled with all the crops YOU want to eat. You can choose from 16 pre-planned garden designs, or you can design your own custom garden plan. Every garden bed or row comes with its own planting map that indicates proper plant spacing and growing instructions for every crop. You can print the maps and take them right to the garden.

The Kitchen Garden Planner also has an easy-to-browse Vegetable Encyclopedia with information about more than 60 different crops, from asparagus to zucchini. The planting and care instructions have lots of practical tips and techniques about preparing the soil, fertilizing, watering, harvesting and more.

In our new and enhanced 2011 edition, you'll find more pre-planned garden designs and can now create and save a complete map of all your individual garden beds or rows. We've also added a new page for comments, questions and photos.

Grow Twice the Food in Half the Space

The Kitchen Garden Planner is based on a planting grid of 1-foot x 1-foot squares. Plants are grown in blocks rather than in rows, and are planted closely together to maximize yields and conserve moisture. This planting technique is more space-efficient and easier to maintain than a traditional vegetable garden, which typically has more paths than plantings.

Though the Kitchen Garden Planner can be used to design almost any type of vegetable garden, it is ideal for raised bed gardening. We offer lots of different raised bed kits, as well as all the supports, plant ties, fertilizer, season extenders and other accessories for an abundant harvest.

We hope you'll give our Kitchen Garden Planner a try — and we encourage you to pass the link along to friends and family who might find it useful!

Try Our Kitchen Garden Planner