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Jumbo Plant sitter

The Jumbo Plant Sitter includes the following parts:
Jumbo Tray
Plant Sitter Stands (2)
Capillary Mats (2)

1. Place the Jumbo Tray where it will be used. (When full of water, the tray can be difficult to move.) Place both Plant Sitter Stands inside the tray, end-to-end.

2. Place a Capillary Mat on top of each Plant Sitter (dark gray side up) and drape the ends of the mats over both ends of the Stands.

3. Fill the Jumbo Tray with water (approximately 4 gallons). Pour a small amount of water over each Capillary Mat to encourage wicking action.

4. Place terra-cotta pots or other growing containers on top of the Capillary Mats. Each pot or container must have one or more holes in the bottom where the soil contacts the Capillary Mat and wicks moisture to plant roots. When potting up your plants, make sure to press the soil down into the holes in the bottom of the pot. This ensures that the soil will come into contact with the Capillary Mats. Pots without holes in the bottom can not be watered by the Plant Sitter system.

5. Keep the tray filled with water at all times to ensure a regular supply of water to your plants. If the tray goes empty and the Capillary Mats dry out, fill the tray with water and pour some water over the Capillary Mats to encourage wicking action.

Care Instructions
Do not leave the Jumbo Plant Sitter outdoors filled with water during freezing temperatures. This can cause cracking and splitting of the plastic parts. The Plant Sitter can be used indoors all year.

Periodically wash all plastic parts thoroughly with a mild soap and warm water. Remove roots and other debris from the Capillary Mats. Soak the mats in a diluted bleach solution and rinse in clean water. Hang the mats to dry before storing.

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