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Pebble Fountain with Pump
Installation Instructions

Parts included:
2' hose
Fountain reservoir and tray

Step 1. Before you begin the assembly, read and follow all operating and safety instructions included with the pump.

Step 2. Use a shovel to dig a hole in the ground, 16" in diameter and 12" deep, for the fountain reservoir. Place the reservoir in the hole, making sure the top of the reservoir is level with or just above the surface of the ground. Do not allow soil to spill into the reservoir; it could later clog the pump.

Step 3. Connect one end of the 2' hose to the nipple on the pump. Place the pump upright in the bottom of the reservoir.

Step 4. Fill the reservoir with fresh clean water. Reminder: the pump must be completely submerged in water before you plug it in.

After you've filled the reservoir with water, plug in the pump and use the dial on the end of the pump to adjust the velocity of the fountain spray.

Step 5. Turn off the pump. Guide the free end of the hose up through the hole in the fountain tray. Place the tray on top of the reservoir. Fill the fountain tray with clean pebbles or stone (see the illustration at right).

Step 6. Cut the hose to be level with the surface of the stones. Or, if you are using a decorative fountain top, cut the hose to the appropriate height.

Step 7. The fountain tray comes with three convenient planting channels. Please plant only in these channels to keep the water and pump free of debris.

Pump Maintenance:

  • Before each operation, check the fountain reservoir to make sure it is full and the pump is completely under water.
  • Follow the cleaning instructions provided with the pump. It is important to clean the pump at regular intervals. It may require cleaning once a week to once a month, depending on your level of use.
  • Bring the pump indoors during freezing temperatures.