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Instructions: Terra Cotta Edging

Made from durable, ultraviolet- resistant polypropylene that lasts for many years, Terra Cotta Edging has the decorative look of terra cotta. The sections can be overlapped to create gentle curves or 90 degree angles for a custom fit in any area of your lawn or garden. Twenty six tiles are included, providing twenty feet of edging overall.

Install the tiles on level ground for the best fit and a neater look.

In soft soil: Install the tiles by simply pushing them firmly into the ground.

In compacted or rocky soil: Loosen the soil with a shovel and soak the ground with water from a garden hose before installation. If necessary, use a spade to create a narrow trench along the length of your border for easier placement of the tiles.

Cutting tiles for a custom fit: The tiles can be cut to length with a fine-toothed saw. Caution: To prevent possible injury, use cutting tools with extreme care. Protective eyewear should be worn to protect your eyes from flying debris.

In some instances, rocks, underground irrigation or other unmovable objects may obstruct the installation of tiles. To better fit the tiles around an obstruction, you can use scissors for cutting metal or other appropriate cutting tools to trim the pointed vertical supports on the tiles.

When making an inside corner in your border, cut off the extended connector for a more finished look.