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Instructions for the Woodland Advent Calendar

The Woodland Advent Calendar is not for use by children under 3 years old.

Starting Dec, 1 and continuing each day for 24 days until Christmas, open a numbered door to reveal a woodland animal. Place the animal in the landscape, then, come Christmas Day, the whole menagerie will be on display.

The cabin comes with the following pieces: deer (standing), deer (laying), blue jay, bear wolf, chipmunk, rabbit, mouse, wreath, howling wolf, moose, fox, goose, cardinal, eagle, mallard, owl, otter, raccoon, hedgehog, squirrel, skunk, frog and black bear.


Line up the trees with the pre-drilled holes in the platform and attach them using the screws found in Drawer #1. Arrange the trees as you like, then hang the birds from the knobs.