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Instructions for the Expandable Pea Fences

The panels on the Pea Fences are joined with coil hinges, so you can form square cages, zigzag fences, or whatever configuration fits your needs. The fence sections may be used individually or be expanded by connecting sections, using the loops and hooks on the ends.


Step 1. Peas need support within days after they emerge from the soil, so it’s best to install the Pea Fence at planting time.

Step 2. Before planting, loosen the soil with a shovel or spade so that the plant roots will be able to penetrate to a depth of at least 6 inches.

Step 3. The Tall Pea Fence comes in two parts. The lower fence part has legs for staking it into the ground and receptacles for attaching the upper part. Stake the lower portion into the ground, then slip the legs of the upper part into the receptacles of the lower part.

Step 4. It is important to secure all trellises against wind damage. We recommend anchoring the fence with stout stakes at the ends and the middle.

Last updated: 10/24/15