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Instructions for the Cucumber Trellises

Assembling the Cucumber Trellis


  • 2 Trellis Panels
  • 2 Legs

Step 1. Slide the two trellis panels together using the extended rods at the top and bottom of the inside edge of the panels. Use the two opposing clips along the edge to brace the panels together.

Step 2. Place the curled end of each leg over the top bar of each panel, as shown at right (A). Twist the curled end from behind the panel bar to the front (B). The leg should now be in a secure position, ready to stake into the ground (C).

Step 3. Press the legs into the ground 4 to 6 inches and adjust the trellis so that it is angled as shown.

Step 4. Before planting, loosen the soil with a shovel or spade so that the plant roots will be able to penetrate to a depth of at least 6 inches.

Note: If you install the trellis in a high-wind area, we recommend anchoring it to the ground or tying it to a fence or post.

The Cucumber Trellis can provide shade for lettuce and other heat- sensitive plants, however, as cucumbers grow and become dense, the plants underneath might become too shaded. During the season, be sure to check that plants underneath are receiving adequate sunlight and air circulation.

Last updated: 10/24/15