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Important Shipping and Unloading Information

for the Green Mountain SunShed

Please read the following information thoroughly before your SunShed is scheduled to arrive, and keep it on hand for reference. These instructions will help make receiving and assembling your SunShed as easy as possible.

Your SunShed will be shipped via truck freight. Once the shipment arrives at your local terminal, a representative from the trucking company will call you to arrange delivery. (You will have 3 to 5 business days to schedule a date.) Deliveries occur on weekdays, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Since the driver is not required to assist with the removal of the shipment from the truck, we advise having three able-bodied people available at the site to unload the SunShed.

Ask the driver to bring the shipment as close to the assembly site as possible. Keep in mind that the delivery vehicle is a 40' semi truck-trailer requiring a good deal of room to maneuver.

The SunShed is shipped in three crates. The gable-end wall panels are banded together and shipped as one package, and so are the floor panels. The remaining components (the door, windows, corner trim, walls, roof, peg board shelving, benching, the instruction manual, and all the assembly hardware) are packed packed in a large crate. This crate will have to be disassembled inside of the truck due to its weight.

The 8'x10' SunShed will arrive in a 10-foot-long crate that weights about 1,000 pounds. The 8'x14' SunShed will arrive in a 14-foot-long crate that weights about 1,600 pounds.

Any other accessories ordered with your greenhouse will arrive separately via UPS or U.S. Mail.

The gable panels, floor panels and the large crate should be separated inside the truck and unloaded one at a time.

You will need the following tools for unloading the SunShed:
* Hammer
* Socket wrench, 1/2"
* Snips (to cut the banding)
* Pry bar
* Gloves

Once you are inside the truck, cut the banding around the crate, remove a few bolts and nails, then carefully unload the panels piece by piece.

As each panel is removed, be sure to brace the remaining panels so they do not fall. The heaviest panels are the south roof and the floor (optional). The large floor panel consists of two panels that are lag-screwed together for shipping. The floor panel is easier to unload if you remove the fasteners holding them together, and carry each panel separately. The smaller crate containing the two gable ends can be taken off as one piece, or you can pry off the plywood strips holding the two pieces together, and remove the pieces individually.

The SunShed will arrive with blocking nailed and bolted to the panels for support and protection during shipping. Remove all the blocking and temporary fasteners from the panels, being careful not to damage the corners and faces of the plywood. Do not remove the staples holding the door at this time.

The panels are top heavy. After you unload them, carry them horizontally rather than vertically. The exterior plywood is securely fastened to the framing, so you may lift a panel by holding on to either the framing or the paneling. Carry the south roof window panel with the acrylic glazing facing upward. Treat it with extra care to avoid damaging the surface, and be sure to leave the protective coating on the acrylic until the roof has been shingled.

The protective coating on the glazing becomes more difficult to remove if it is exposed to sunlight or high temperatures, or if it is left in place for more than a week. Remove the coating if you are not planning to build your SunShed within a few weeks.

While awaiting assembly, the panels should be stored in a garage, or other protective structure. If this is not possible, shield the panels from the weather, heat, and moisture with tarpaulins or plastic.

Inspecting Your Shipment
Each SunShed is packed with care, however, damage can occur during shipping. When receiving your SunShed, you must indicate on the trucker’s delivery receipt any signs of damage to shipping crates (such as blemishes, dents, creases, tears, footprints, etc).

Sometimes damage occurs that is not evident from the appearance of the shipping cartons. Please inspect your shipment thoroughly upon receipt.

Even if you do not intend to build your SunShed right away, unpack each crate and make sure the components have arrived in good condition.

We need to process damage claims, so please do not delay calling us if you discover any damage! After a period of 15 days, the trucking company and Gardener’s Supply Company are not responsible for replacement costs of damaged parts.

If you have questions about your SunShed shipment, or if any damage has occurred during shipping, call our technical services staff at 800-688-5510 or e-mail us at:

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