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Snow Aquarium

With just one teaspoon of "snow" you can create a festive wintery display in the Flower Aquarium.

Adding snow to the Flower Aquarium

  1. For best results, soak the snow in 1/4 cup of water for 48 hours before preparing the aquarium.
  2. To prepare the aquarium, you'll need to follow the instructions and helpful hints that are included with the Flower Aquarium. We recommend using cold distilled water instead of tap water in addition to white vinegar, to help blooms last longer. When placing your flower or other foliage, consider using a sprig or two of evergreens such as hemlock, balsam or holly as background for your flower or other display.
  3. After you've arranged your display, fill the aquarium with water and add one teaspoon of the pre-soaked snow. If you like, add glitter for extra sparkle.
  4. Seal the globe. Place the aquarium upright and let it snow!