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Lisa Yankowski, customer service

Lisa Yankowski

Employee-owner since: 1994

What I do here: I work in telephone sales, but also do customer service and help out in other areas in the call center. My artwork is featured on posters and training materials.

Also known as: The Bug Lady. Learn more in my blog post, Praying Predators.

My gardening style: I have been gardening since I was a child, when my father got my siblings and me out in the garden to pull weeds.

Vegetables or flowers?: Both! I also have blueberries, raspberries and several herbs.

Why I love Gardener's Supply: I get to use my knowledge and my degrees in biology and elementary education. I work with great people and I get to talk to great people.

Favorite free-time activities: I am a platelet/pherisis donor for the Red Cross. Love to swim. I work with my town overseeing a park next to my property. I raise moths and butterflies.

What people probably don’t know about me: Most dogs love me — even if they don't know me.

And? I talk to plants.