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Lil Lambertson, Distribution

Lil Lambertson

Year I started at Gardener's Supply: 2002

Where I work: Returns

My gardening style: I’m a life-long gardener, both flowers and vegetables. I became a Master Gardener in 2001.

How I give back: I volunteer at the Shelburne Museum (It's been 10 years now). In early spring, it's my privilege to start with work in the greenhouse and then eventually work on the grounds and gardens, usually until the museum closes in fall.

Gardening pride and joy: A wisteria vine that actually blooms. I have a backyard full of perennials and annuals that I grow in Gardener’s Supply self-watering pots, planters and windowboxes

What's next: I want to learn to plant perennials as if you were arranging flowers in a bouquet — it's so easy to do with annuals in flower pots, but I want to learn to plant perennials that way.