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Joe McHugh, Marketing

Joe McHugh

Employee-owner since: 2004

My gardening style: I wasn't a big flower gardener until I inherited a big flower garden when we bought our house. I'm a random gardener, in that I'll basically stick perennials and shrubs in the garden and see how everything looks, then move stuff. The flower garden is disorganized, but for a few weeks every summer, it's just full of color. There is no substitute for having fresh-cut flowers in the house.

Vegetables or flowers?: I'm more serious and intentional about my vegetable garden because I love to cook with veggies from my own garden. The garden is a bunch of raised beds, and I plan to expand as I add more permanent crops. I have an asparagus bed and next year I'll add a bed of strawberries. Garlic, rhubarb, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, greens, beans and radishes are the regular crops.

My goal: I have never successfully grown pumpkins. They are a mystery to me, but I keep trying.

Best gardening tip I ever got: Mulch, mulch, mulch!

Free-time activities: Skiing, golf, cooking, reading, hiking with the dog, sitting in my garden drinking a beer while I pretend to pull weeds. In the winter, I pretend to clean the garage.

What people probably don't know about me: I can't ride a bike. Really.

Annual rites: On the first weekend in the spring when it's finally warm enough to work in the garden, my wife and I rake all the debris from the winter and the old leaves, clear the paths, and set out the Adirondack chairs. In the afternoon, we sit down and have a glass of bubbly in the garden with our jackets on and only the daffodils blooming.