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Downspout Diverter

How the Diverter Works
The Diverter fits a rectangular and round downspout up to 3-1/4 by 4-1/4 inches. When connected to a downspout, this Diverter directs rainwater from the downspout into your rain barrel. Then, when the barrel becomes full, the Diverter automatically directs water back through the downspout, providing a controlled system for managing and saving valuable rain water.

To discourage mosquito breeding, we designed the Diverter with a drainage hole so that no standing water remains in the Diverter when it's not in use.

Installation Instructions

Tools needed for assembly:

  • Drill with 7/8" or 1" bit
  • Measuring tape or ruler
  • Hacksaw or Tin snips
  • Pencil
Parts included:
  • Diverter
  • Linking Hose
  • Rubber Grommets (2)

Step 1. Place a fully assembled rain barrel near your downspout. Make sure the ground or area where you will be installing the diverter is level, solid and has good drainage. You can place gravel or pieces of slate around the base of the barrel and downspout to minimize soil erosion.

Step 2. Your rain barrel will need to have a 1" diameter hole in the side to link it to the Downspout Diverter. If your barrel does not have a linking hole, you will need to drill one. Measure 5" down from the top of the barrel and drill a 1" diameter hole through the wall of the barrel. After drilling, take a Rubber Grommet from the Downspout Diverter kit and insert it into the hole. Some rain barrels, such as our English Rain Barrel come with a linking hole and removable plug. Simply remove the plug and replace it with a Rubber Grommet.

Fig. 1
Step 3. Starting from the top of the rain barrel, measure 2" down the downspout and mark a cut line with a pencil, then measure 4-1/2" down from the top of the barrel and mark another cut line (Fig. 1). Cut through the downspout at the 2" and 4-1/2" marks. Remove a 2-1/2" section from the downspout.

Step 4. Take the Downspout Diverter and slide the square end of the Diverter up into the upper portion of the downspout as far as it will go (Fig. 2).

Step 5. Take the lower section of the Downspout and slide it up around the tube on the bottom of the Diverter as far as it will go. You may need to remove or slide down the lower section of the Downspout first. Also, if your downspout is secured to the house with a brace, you may need to loosen or adjust the location of the brace.

Step 6. Locate the two mounting slots on the back of the Downspout Diverter. These slots are for mounting the Diverter to the side of your house or other building. Hold the Diverter up to the side of the house and mark the location of the slots with a pencil. You will need to provide your own screws appropriate for your siding.

Fig. 2
Step 7. Fasten the screws to the side of your house. You may need to temporarily remove the Diverter from the downspout to do this. After you've fastened the screws, mount the Diverter onto the screws and firmly secure the bottom section of the downspout.

Step 8. Insert a Rubber Grommet into the 1" hole in the side of the Downspout Diverter. Insert one end of the Linking Hose into the Grommet. Cut the Linking Hose to the desired length, keeping it as straight as possible between the Diverter and your rain barrel. Put the other end of the Hose into the Grommet in your rain barrel. The installation is now complete.