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Custom Configurations
for the Grow Bed

Mini Grow Bed Extension Kit
A Mini Grow Bed used in combination with a Mini Grow Bed Extension Kit.

Like any raised bed, a Grow Bed allows you to get a high yield in less space. Made with 100% recycled plastic, Grow Beds are 10" deep. And, by adding extensions or stacking the beds, you can get even larger harvests.

Grow Beds are available in three sizes:

The beds are fairly modular, so you can create several different configurations:

Stacked Beds

Two or more beds can be stacked to create a deeper bed. Assembly takes only a few minutes using four side panels and corner pins.

Extended Beds

With a Grow Bed Extension Kit, you can extend the length of the Grow Bed, giving you twice as much growing space. The Mini Grow Bed Extension Kit is designed for use with the Mini Grow Bed. For the 3 x 3 and 3 x 6 beds, use the regular Grow Bed Extension Kit.

Cutting garden
Cutting Gardens

Last summer, we used four Mini Grow Beds to create a cutting garden that provided beautiful bouquets from midsummer to frost. Each bed was surrounded by mulch paths, making it easy to select fresh blooms. One of the full-grown beds is shown, below.

Cutting garden
    Creative Configurations

Use all three sizes to create layouts that fit your garden space—or use the beds to create a formal kitchen garden. Sample layouts above:
A: Four 3x3' Grow Beds
B: Three 3x6' Grow Beds
C: Two 3x6' Grow Beds
D: Two 3x6' Grow Beds and three Mini Grow Beds

Last updated: 10/24/15