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Care of Bulb Baskets

Care Upon Arrival

Before being shipped, our bulb baskets kept in a dark, cool room, so the sprouts may appear yellow and somewhat bent upon arrival. Once you place the container in bright light, the sprouts will turn green in two to three days.

As you remove the basket from the packaging, be careful not to damage any tender new sprouts. Remove the protective covering and water the bulbs well; then place the basket in a cool, bright location (60 to 65 degrees F is ideal).

If you are unable to care for your basket immediately, water it well, and keep it in a cool (60 to 65 degrees F) dark place for a few days.

If your basket arrives frozen, let it thaw overnight, then water well.

Growing Instructions

As your bulbs begin to grow, rotate the container every few days to prevent the foliage from leaning toward the light. Keep the soil consistently moist. As the plants grow and the bulbs begin to flower, you may have to water more frequently. You can expect blooms in three to six weeks, depending on the bulb variety.

Once the bulbs are in full flower, the blooms typically last one to two weeks. To ensure long-lasting blooms, keep the pot well-watered, out of direct sunlight and in a cool spot (60 to 70 degrees F is best).

Last updated: 10/24/15