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Assembly Instructions for Super Hoops

The Super Hoops are already assembled, but if you have the Hi-Rise Super Hoops, take the following steps:

1. Connect the flattened hoops together to create six large hoops. To do this, gently bend the hoops into an arch shape.

2. Slip the connectors onto the ends of six hoops. Then insert the other six hoops into the connectors.

Setting Up a Hoop Tunnel

1. Position the first hoop in the garden and insert its legs into soil. The width or distance between the hoop legs can vary depending upon the height of your crops or the width of your bed. To use a 12-foot-wide piece of garden fabric or shade netting, the hoop legs should be no more than 5 feet apart.

2. Position the next hoop approximately 2 feet from the first. Repeat this step for the rest of the hoops.

3. Drape the fabric or netting over the hoops, using clothespins to anchor it. Be sure to leave at least 4″ of extra fabric on either side of the tunnel so you can secure the edges with soil.


  • Wait for a relatively windless day to install and remove row covers.
  • When using fabric to exclude pests, bury the edges of the fabric in the soil or use Earth Staples to anchor it.
  • Monitor plants carefully. Insects that sneak in can reproduce quickly in the protected environment.
  • When flowers begin to form, remove covers from insect-pollinated crops, such as squash and melons, so pollinators can do their work.
  • You can help prevent the spread of some plant diseases by using row covers to exclude the insects that transmit them. Aphids, whiteflies and leaf hoppers can infect plants with viral diseases as they feed.

For more information, read Using Super Hoops.

Last updated: 10/24/15