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Reimagining a Nostalgic Gift:
Cool Snow Globes

FEW of us have spent much time thinking about snow globes since childhood, when one appeared along with the other holiday decorations each December.

Liz Ross and David Westby, on the other hand, think about snow globes all the time. Creators of Cool Snow Globes, they've elevated snow globes from child's toy to fine art. Twice commissioned to make exclusive designs for the White House, this Vermont couple makes high-quality, artisan works that feature incredibly detailed sculptures in high-quality glass globes.

Liz explains that it takes six to nine months to create a finished sample, adding, “We’re maniacally obsessed with detail.” Each globe is the product of a painstaking process, beginning with design and testing, progressing to modeling by a team of 3D artists in Los Angeles, and finally moving to manufacturing. “We’re shipping about 75,000 snow globes per year,” says Liz, but despite that level of production, the slower pace of life in rural Vermont informs each globe. “We love it here; the environment and nature. I think it gives us both more room to think because it’s quieter and it’s beautiful. I think we both benefit.”

A snow globe takes us back to simpler times, inviting us to pause and savor the moment. Shake it lightly and then watch in wonder as the swirling snow slowly settles. There are no flashing lights or shrill sounds, just the peaceful and soothing sensation of watching gently falling flakes of snow.

Last updated: 11/5/15