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Barebones Living: Fostering Self-Reliance with Great Garden Tools

By Claudia Marshall

THE idea of living a bare-bones existence might not sound appealing, but the company Barebones Living was born from a desire to do good by helping those in need obtain the modern bare-bones needs of life: food, water, shelter and power. Working with organizations around the world, Barebones Living provides basic necessities to those in need and fosters self-reliance. For example, the founders of Barebones have started a not-for-profit that is providing shelters for victims of the 2015 earthquakes in Nepal.

The ethos of self-reliance is evident in the garden tools they manufacture: These hard-working tools are made to last. Our Barebones collection features tools made of tempered steel and sustainable bamboo. Barebones representative Kameron Harper describes the tools as “elegant with a retro design and modern functionality.” He adds, “We try to use the most responsible resources possible,” including bamboo, which is a fast-growing grass that’s renewable, durable and doesn’t splinter.

In addition to their work in Nepal, the nonprofit also helps doctors treat ebola in Sierra Leone and Liberia, works to create sustainable food cultivation for villagers in the Philippines and helps provide lighting for schools in Ghana.

Last updated: 11/1/15