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Jim Feinson

I was a champion weeder as a kid, but otherwise a fairly novice gardener when I joined Gardener's Supply back in 1988. Gardener's Supply was a fairly novice company too. Well, both Gardener's Supply and my love of gardening have grown more and more each year. At home we grow some of everything, everywhere. Each summer we buy shares at a local CSA (membership farm) so I am free to experiment at home, growing unusual heirloom tomatoes, hot peppers, fruits and berries. Our flower beds are fairly spontaneous and undisciplined, but they somehow seem to keep us in color and fragrance throughout the garden season.

As company president, I also have a hand in selecting and developing new products. I say it is hard work, but the truth is that it is lots of fun. And I get to help support all the good that gardening and gardeners are accomplishing around the country, through involvement with various nonprofit organizations. Nothing is better than making a living doing what you love.