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Instructions: Branch Hanger

This sturdy, realistic cast iron Branch Hanger can be used to hold a birdfeeder, a basket of flowers, wind chimes or even suet cakes. It also provides a perching area for birds as they wait their turn at the feeder.

Installation Instructions:

The Branch Hanger will safely hold up to 20 pounds when installed in a solid wood base. The base plate portion of the hanger has three screw holes. The two top holes have been drilled at an angle for ease of installation. For best results, use the base plate holes as guides for pre-drilling holes into the post or wall then use the screws provided to install the hanger on a high post or wall made of treated hardwood. When exposed to moisture, the iron hanger will naturally rust and may stain painted surfaces, so use caution in choosing a location for the Branch Hanger. If you prefer, you can paint or spray the branch with a clear lacquer and re-apply periodically to prolong the original color.