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Dear Gardener,

Perhaps you've heard about the exciting work I'm doing in partnership with entrepreneurs and environmentalists in Costa Rica.

Now is the time for us as stewards of the land to make use or our skills! Here's an opportunity for you to expand your knowledge of organic gardening and commitment to sustainable enterprise.

There are two unique courses in March 2007 that focus on green living in Costa Rica.

Along with agricultural ecologists, green builders and ecological designers, I'll be teaching
"Design and Build a Green Home and Garden in the Tropics
March 3-16, 2007
Paraiso, Costa Rica

We'll focuses on designing and building a "jungle bungalow" as a model home for Pueblo Verde, "the greenest residential development in Costa Rica". We'll prove again that green living and gardening benefits the people, plants and wildlife of the region. The course takes place close to the pristine, nearly deserted beaches of Playa Junquillal where pursuits from swimming to horseback riding to fishing provide relaxation and fun. Contact

The Yestermorrow Design Build School presents
"Natural Building in Costa Rica
March 11-23, 2007
Rancho Mastatal, Costa Rica

Participants will learn to use earth, straw, cob, stone, site-milled wood, bamboo, and recycled/reused materials in the design/build process. And the course is located at a stunning mountain retreat and lodge center surrounded by virgin rainforest. Contact

Paraiso means "paradise" in Spanish and you can be part of making sure it stays that way as you experience living and working in this unique and spectacular part of the world with me and my family and colleagues.



Will Raap
Founder and Chair, Gardener's Supply Company