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How to Save Tropical Beauties for Next Year
Overwintering Tender Plants

By Kathy LaLiberte

n many gardens, tender
  tropical plants provide
  some of summer's most dramatic blooms. But what happens to these cold-sensitive plants when fall comes around? The easiest solution is to bid a sad adieu, let the frost claim its victims, and send the blackened plants to the compost pile. But most gardeners are too tender-hearted—and thrifty—to let a good plant go to waste. If you grew a few tropical plants in your garden this summer and want to try your hand at keeping them alive indoors until next spring, you have many options
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Gardeners Go Wild for Wildlife

David MizejewskiSomething wonderful is happening in backyards across the country, and it's great news for birds, butterflies, toads and turtles. We asked David Mizejewski, a naturalist with the National Wildlife Federation and host of Animal Planet's Backyard Habitat series (9 a.m. weekdays), why he thinks there's such a surge of interest in creating backyard wildlife habitats. "I'm a gardener myself," said David, "and over the past couple years I've seen a big change in how people are thinking about their yards and gardens."
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Boost Your Soil With Autumn Leaves

Shredded leaves make a fine soil amendment.The longer I garden, the greater my appreciation for the value of organic matter. And one of the very best sources of organic matter is autumn leaves. They are packed with trace minerals that trees draw up from deep in the soil. When added to your garden, leaves feed earthworms and beneficial microbes. They lighten heavy soils and help sandy soils retain moisture. They make an attractive mulch in the flower garden. They're a fabulous source of carbon to balance the nitrogen in your compost pile. And they insulate tender plants from cold.
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A beautiful border starts with beautiful soil. Start rebuilding your soil this fall.
Cannas are easy to overwinter -- even in colder zones.
More Fall Veggies: Tips for Success

Fall Veggies: What's On Your Plate?By Kathy LaLiberte

After 25 years of vegetable gardening, I have finally managed to plant a decent fall garden. And I'm here to tell you that Robert Rodale, Dick Raymond, Eliot Coleman, Shep Ogden, Mel Bartholomew, Ed Smith and all those other vegetable gardening gurus are totally right. A fall vegetable garden is satisfying in a way no summer garden will ever be. I'm enjoying crunchy salads of arugula, baby spinach and romaine—and there's more broccoli than I can possibly eat.
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20 Best Shrubs for Winter Landscapes

Plants to Enliven Winter LandscapesAs a gardener, it's difficult to imagine looking forward to winter. But what if the coming of winter revealed an entirely new landscape with colors, textures and shapes that can't be seen at any other time of year? What if the coming of winter meant 5 months of beauty without staking, deadheading, pruning or watering a single plant?

There are many wonderful, easy-care shrubs for the winter landscape. Most will keep a low profile from spring through fall, and reappear like old friends when cold weather arrives.
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Gardener Shreds Her Way to Success
Rene Sansom-Blair Rene Sansom-Blair has become a compost-making machine. She can create finished compost in two months. The key to success is her Deluxe Electric Leaf Shredder. "The leaf shredder is amazing. I can shred almost anything in it. I shred vegetable debris, tomato stalks, weeds, pine needles and maple leaves—even when they're wet—without clogging it," she says. "Plus, since it's electric, I don't have to struggle with a pull-cord starter. It's an absolutely wonderful shredder. I just wish they made it in my favorite color: yellow," she laughs.
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