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Spring Into Action
Start Now for a Pest-Free Garden This Summer

By Kathy LaLiberte

ouldn't it be great to avoid pest and disease problems this summer? To skip the sprays and dusts, the hassles and heartbreaks? Well you can reduce if not eliminate these problems, and now's the time—when you're prepping and planting—to make it happen.
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Gardening Year-Round in Fountain, Fla.

Detlef VandermeerGardening in Florida can have its challenges. The heat, humidity, insects and diseases can get the best of even the most experienced gardener. But after 15 years of gardening in USDA zone 8, Detlef Vandermeer has learned to love it. "I've gardened in Colorado, Nevada, Oklahoma and Texas before settling in Florida," say Detlef. "I like gardening here best because I can grow food year-round," he says.
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2007 English Garden Tour
2007 English Garden Tour
Join us this summer for a
tour of public and private
gardens in England's beautiful

Tour details
Growing Annual Flowers From Seed

By Kathy LaLiberte

Kathy LaLiberte in the display gardens at Gardener's SupplyOne reason I start annuals from seed is that even the best garden centers don't offer some of the most worthy garden annuals. To make sure I always have love-lies-bleeding (Amaranthus caudatus), Nicotiana langsdorfii, Phlox drummondii, Salvia horminium, lavatera (Lavatera trimestris) and other favorites, I always start them myself. Most annual flowers are very easy to grow from seed.
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Lady-bugs eat aphids, mealybugs, spider mites and other pests. Attract them to your garden with pollen-rich flowers.
Growing Under Lights

SunLite® FixtureThe benefits of growing under lights are hard to ignore. There is simply no better way to grow an abundance of stocky green seedlings. If you grow flowering plants indoors, such as orchids, African violets, citrus and hibiscus, lights will keep them blooming almost year-round. If you want a wintertime harvest of vine-ripened tomatoes, herbs and salad greens, that too can be accomplished with lights.
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Potager: A Recipe for Beauty and Bounty

Cedar Potager KitIn the 16th and 17th centuries, the royal palaces of Europe often had extensive kitchen gardens, known as potagers. In some cases, these gardens were designed to be both beautiful and productive. Today's gardeners can recreate these intensively planted gardens on a smaller scale, using raised beds. Because the beds are planted intensively, there's little room for weeds, and the plants tend to shade one another, which cuts down on watering chores.
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Get Into the Garden Earlier, Stay Later

Few gardeners are content with their growing season. In the North, there's barely enough time to ripen tomatoes or melons. In the South, drought and intense heat limit gardening activity to the spring and fall. The good news is that by using a few simple season-extending techniques and plant-protection devices, you can shield your plants from extremes of weather, and stretch your gardening season by two, three or even six months.
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