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8 New Flowers to Start from Seed

By Kathy LaLiberte

he 2008 seed catalogs began to arrive just before Christmas and there's now a tall stack of them in the basket beside by my reading chair. I've found a couple "new for 2008" varieties that I'll be trying out this spring, and a couple more that for one reason or another I haven't grown yet. Hopefully one or two of them will interest you, as well.
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Gardener's Journal
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Create Your Own Seedstarting Timetable

By Kathy LaLiberte

Suburban Garden Evolves With Changing ConditionsYears ago, I was diligent about keeping a gardening journal. But, as my life grew more and more crowded, it became difficult to maintain the journal. One piece of record-keeping that I have managed to keep is my annual seedstarting calendar. I do know which week I planted my pepper seeds last winter, and the date I sowed the alyssum. And I know whether I started my onion seeds earlier or later than the year before. Because I start over 40 types of plants from seed (and about 70 different varieties), my seedstarting schedule is essential.
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Seedstarting Made Easy
Seedstarting Made EasyWhen mail-order catalogs and local garden centers are bursting with an astonishing variety of plants of all kinds, why would anyone want to bother starting their own plants from seed? Because starting plants from seed is less expensive; there are more varieties to choose from; you can grow higher-quality plants suited to your schedule; and you will enjoy the simple satisfaction of growing your own seedlings..
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“Apricot Blush” zinnia is a new seed variety for 2008.
“Apricot Blush” zinnia is a new seed variety for 2008.
Suburban Garden Evolves With Changing Conditions

Steve Johnson and Susan IversonSteve Johnson of Arden Hills, Minn., has watched the gardens in his three-
quarter-acre suburban lot change a lot over the past 20 years. "Trees have grown up shading garden beds, while others have fallen down, creating sunnier spots," says Steve. "I'm always moving gardens around to match the conditions," he says.
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Gardening Under Lights

Gardening Under LightsThe benefits of growing under lights are hard to ignore. There is simply no better way to grow an abundance of stocky green seedlings. By learning how plants use light and about the many bulb and fixture options on the market, you can select an indoor lighting system that is perfectly suited to your home and the types of plants you want to grow.
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