Customer Service
Free repotting
When you purchase both a plant and container, we'll re-pot it for free.
*A repotting fee will be applied for specialty plants such as bonsai and orchids and when customer brings in own container.
Plant / pest diagnostics
Bring in your plant, or a sample of it, and our professional horticulturists will track down the pest or disease that is causing the damage and give you the advice and solution you need to fix it.
Have your trees, shrubs or perennials installed by our team of professionals to insure your plant's health and safety as well as your long-term enjoyment. Every plant installed by our team receives our exclusive guarantee.
Comprehensive site design
Create a master landscaping plan for your home or business. A professional landscape designer works with you to:
  • Define your landscaping goals
  • Analyze your site
  • Produce a detailed, to scale plan for your property
  • Create a custom plant list
On-site consultation
Get guidance from a gardening professional on a variety of design or horticultural issues. An experienced designer or horticulturist will visit your home to answer questions on design, planting and other garden topics specific to your location.
  • Receive your choice of a detailed report or a sketch drawing as a follow-up
Garden coaching
Work side by side with a professional gardener to learn the tricks of the trade.
  • Build a relationship with a professional gardener who will show you how to transplant, divide, irrigate, identify pests & diseases, prune and more
  • Learn time-saving tips to keep your garden looking its best every season
Interior plant maintenance and diagnostic visits
We work with plants inside and outside. Our team of professional horticulturists are available for in-house diagnostics and consultations. We also serve area businesses with interiorscape planting and maintenance needs on both an ongoing or consultation basis.
*Minimum purchase required, prices vary by location.

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