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These Sturdy Women's Garden Clogs are the Original and Still the Best

  • Tough, long-wearing clogs, back by customer demand!
  • High back keeps feet dry and mud-free
  • Molded cork insole for comfort; rugged tread provides secure footing
  • Women's whole sizes 6-11; if you wear a half size, we recommend ordering the next smaller whole size unless you wear heavy socks, in which case order the next whole size larger

Everyone is wearing "garden" clogs these days, but only these, first introduced over 20 years ago, are made specifically for garden work. The pliable, rubber-like plastic and waterproof one-piece construction are tougher than spongy EVA clogs, and offer full protection — you can even dig in them. The molded cork insole won't compress like foam ones, and it can be removed when you want to hose your clogs clean. That's a must-have in garden shoes for real gardeners. The ultimate in all-weather footwear, our Garden Clogs stand up to the heaviest chores and last for years.

Product Details

  • Rubber-like plastic with cork insoles
  • Easy to clean; just remove insoles and hose off clogs
  • We also offer replacement insoles

If you have bunions don't order


I very much like the clogs....but I have very large bunions and they rub on them and kill me. They have the good arch support I wanted but can only keep them on for about 20 minutes before they've rubbed a blister on my bunion. My sister loves them so gave them to her.


De Smet, SD


Somewhat disappointing.


I got these to replace my old Slogger garden clogs, which fit like a glove and were very comfortable and flexible. These are very stiff and run large (I wear an 8, but the 7 is sloppy, so I have to wear a sock-prefer bare foot to slip in and out of garden clogs.) These are not good when the weather is cold. I slipped on a frosty wooden deck in these, where as my Mucks with a lesser tread didn't slip. Last week, my d-in-law fell down her porch steps and hurt her hip badly. She slipped hers on (which I bought her for gardening) en route to get her car warmed up for errands before putting the baby in the car. Thank goodness she wasn't carrying the baby at the time! However...on the plus side...they do keep my feet dry and clean when the yard is sloppy if you sink in the ground a bit since they have a higher profile than the Sloggers. I will look for Sloggers again when I need to replace these.


Bedford, IN




Oh, no! I need to re-supply myself with these clogs! They are the ONLY shoes that I wear! If you discontinue them, I will have to go barefoot. I wear them everywhere: Running errands, cleaning the stable, as house slippers, on trips to the City... EVERYWHERE. They are so comfortable, and the design is elegant (unlike ANY other rubber clog that I have ever seen, including the ones currently in your catalog ---- UGH!!). Are you crazy? Why are you discontinuing them?!


Goldendale, WA


Please bring back these clogs


I was just going to order some for men and women, and see you only have limited sizes. Please bring them back. They are the most comfortable clogs I ever owned for gardening.




They are the best.


I bought a pair of these for my wife who for her birthday. She was using old sneakers and boots to use in the garden and when she was taking care of the chicken coupe. I researched all of the available options on-line for garden clogs/boots and found these. She was so happy with them I bought a pair for myself and my daughter. I was using an old pair of Sperry's when I was doing garden work. These clogs have exceeded my expectations. They are very comfortable, easy to take on and off and easy to clean. I has used them in the summer and in the winter and they are equally comfortable in all weather conditions.


Germantown, Maryland


Great Product!


I use these as my going outside shoes. I live on a ranch and not much is close to the house. When it rains it is even harder to keep shoes from tracking in dirt. With these clogs, they are so easy to clean. My first pair lasted for years. I just replaced them last year because of a tear. They are well worth the money, but now they are sale! I even take them down to the river since it is difficult to walk in the shallow water because of the rocks. Even if your gardening is muddy and messy, all you have to do is get the hose and rinse. It really is that easy! You will love them!


San Antonio, Tx


Call Gardeners to discuss the right size


I would recommend these clogs, have used them for years, but needed a new pair. I wear European size 40, so I ordered US size 9, which is usually the right size. However, the US size 9 clogs were European size 39 and too small, resulting in additional shipping cost to exchange the clogs :(.




Loved them until I didn't.


These clogs are perfect to keep next to the back door except for one thing. The hard molded material these are made of is not safe in icy/snowy weather. Because they have no traction they caused me to slip and fall in the snow, thus breaking my ankle. I immediately threw them away and purchased ones with adequate traction.

perennial guru

Salem, OR


Too Short


I really like the way these fit EXCEPT they are too short. I wore them one day and it seemed my toes were bumping against the end. I didn't realized how much until later in the day. I'm hesitant to order the next size up because I'm worried they will be too big overall.

Florida Gardner

Homestead Florida


Love the product but...


I had a pair of these clogs and they lasted 7 years. It was crazy. Replaced them 1.5 years ago and was surprised to see a crack in the top of the right one. I wear them hard so I probably should not complain...but was just surprised that they were not holding up as great as the last pair.


San Diego CA


Women's Garden Clogs

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