Wind-Resistant Sprinkler

Wind-Resistant Sprinkler


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Additional Information

Use Up To 25% Less Water with this Wind-Resistant Sprinkler

Most sprinklers shoot water high into the air where it quickly evaporates or gets blown off course by the wind. This innovative sprinkler applies water at a lower arc, so more water reaches plants and less is lost to evaporation and wind. A control knob lets you fine-tune the coverage area to spray just where you want it to further conserve this precious resource — no more overspray that wastes water on the driveway or the road.

  • Low-arc sprinkler uses 25% less water
  • Adjustment knob lets you fine-tune spray pattern to minimize overspray
  • Works with high or low water pressure

Product Details

  • Plastic, aluminum and metal
  • 18" L x 7" W; watering bar is 13" L
  • 20 spray jets
  • Covers up to 3800 square feet