Wilt-Pruf, 1 Quart

Wilt-Pruf, 1 Quart


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Additional Information

Wilt-Pruf Protects Pumpkins as Well as Shrubs

Spray Wilt-Pruf on freshly-carved pumpkins to keep them from shriveling, collapsing and turning black. Late autumn is also the ideal time to apply Wilt-Pruf to your rhododendrons, hollies, boxwood and other broad-leafed evergreens to protect them from winter wind and sun.

  • Works as a protective coating
  • Safe, organic and natural
  • Reduces moisture loss, winter kill, wind burn, drought and transplant shock
  • Reduces evaporation from leaf surfaces by as much as 80%
  • Effective on holiday wreaths and trees, too

    Product Details

  • Made from organic pine oil
  • 1 quart ready-to-use pump spray bottle
  • Not recommended for cedar, arborvitae, juniper or cypress in zones 2-4