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Ultimate Salad Garden Kit, 2’ x 8’


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Exclusive | Gardening Just Got Easier with the Ready-to-Plant 2’ x 8’ Salad Garden

  • The easiest way to grow a salad garden!
  • All-in-one gardening kit includes planting mat with built-in soaker hose and seed balls
  • Designed to fit our 2x8 Cedar Planter Boxes and Elevated Cedar Planter Boxes
  • Will fit any 2x8 raised bed or garden bed
  • Planting mat eliminates weeds and has pre-cut holes to show you where to plant
  • Includes 75 seed balls with non-GMO seed

Simply the easiest way to grow a salad garden! It’s easy to plant, easy to tend and easy to water. This gardening kit starts with a planting mat that eliminates weeds. The mat has pre-cut holes to show you where to place the included seed balls, ensuring that plants are evenly spaced and have plenty of room to grow. The built-in soaker system makes it simple to keep plants perfectly watered. The BPA-free polypropylene ​mat is reusable.

​The kit includes 75 seed balls: 4 head lettuce, 2 Swiss chard, 18 cilantro, 2 cucumbers, 4 kale and 9 each of arugula, leaf lettuce, mesclun mix, scallions and radish. There are also planting holes for two tomato plants and one pepper plant, not included. These long-season plants grow best when planted in the garden as transplants, rather than as seeds. We recommend purchasing tomato and pepper plants in 3" to 4" pots, and then transplanting them into their labeled squares after all danger of frost is past.

Product Details

  • BPA-free, 100% polypropylene ​mat
  • Flat soaker hose is perforated PVC coated with fabric
  • Non-GMO seed balls include red clay, soil, and water
  • Mat is 8’ L x 2’ W
  • Gardener’s Supply Exclusive
Product Instructions
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