Ultimate Biodegradable Tomato Pots, Set of 6


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Additional Information

Biodegradable Pots Minimize Tomato Transplant Shock

  • Extra-deep pots encourage extra-robust root systems
  • Plantable pots prevent root disturbance
  • Plants adapt faster after transplanting
  • Roots grow through pots into surrounding soil
  • Made in France from sustainably harvested wood fibers
  • Earth-friendly; no plastic pots to discard
  • 4" square x 6-3/4" H
  • Set of 6

Convenient biodegradable pots can be planted, pot and all, right into the garden! It’s easy for you — and it’s easy on plants, because roots aren’t disturbed during transplanting. The extra-deep Ultimate Tomato Pots let you transplant your seedlings deeper, burying the stem to encourage an extra-robust root system. Once they’re in the ground, the pots quickly begin to biodegrade so roots can grow through them and into the surrounding soil. The pots are crafted in France from sustainably harvested wood fibers without the use of glues or binders so they’re perfect for organic growing. OMRI-listed (certified by the Organic Material Review Institute).

Product Details

  • Wood fibers -- primarily spruce (Picea abies)
  • 4" square x 6-3/4" H
  • 6 pots


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