Water Ring

Water Ring


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Additional Information

Water Rings Help Plants and Trees Thrive 2 Ways

Transplanted trees and shrubs often struggle along for several years before they start to show much growth. The most common culprits are under-watering and over-fertilizing. These Water Rings are the solution to both problems. The five-gallon reservoir prevents the dry-out that stunts growth, and you can add fertilizer a little at a time to promote strong root development.

  • Prevents setback of new plantings
  • Holds 5 gallons of water and nutrients
  • Prevents runoff and drought
  • Cover with mulch if desired

Product Details

  • UV-stabilized plastic
  • 23-1/4" outside diameter x 8-3/4" H
  • Side opening is 3-1/2"
  • Holds 5 gallons of water
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