Topple-Proof Tomato Cages, Set of 2

Topple-Proof Tomato Cages, Set of 2


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Additional Information

Exclusive | Topple-Proof Cages are the Sturdiest Tomato Supports You Can Buy

  • Our sturdiest tomato cages are ten times stronger than common cone-shaped wire cages
  • Strong enough to support big, fruit-laden plants
  • Keep plants securely upright, even in windy locations
  • Set of 2

More than cages, these supports are fortresses that guard your tomato plants to prevent toppling under heavy loads and during high winds and heavy rains. In our garden tests they withstood more than ten times the horizontal pulling force compared to common cone-shaped wire cages! So when summer storms roll in, you can rest assured that your tomato plants will remain safely upright. The supports are made from heavy-duty, powder-coated, solid steel stock. You can install the legs as deep as you need (at least 8", deeper in sandy soil) and then attach the bottom ring right on the soil for extreme stability. Set the other rings at any height — lower to support shrubby plants, higher if you prune lower leaves. Each cage has three upright supports and four rings to create a generous 18" diameter support that is about 50" high (depending on how deeply you install the uprights).

Product Details

  • Powder-coated steel, EPDM (synthetic rubber) O-rings
  • 18" in diameter
  • 58" H overall
  • Approx. 50" H installed
  • Uprights are 5/16" solid steel
  • Rings are 7/32" solid steel
  • Folds flat for easy off-season storage
  • Gardener's Supply Exclusive