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Exclusive | Success Kits Grow Bigger, Healthier Tomatoes — Garden-Tested and Guaranteed!

  • The most convenient, foolproof way to grow your own delicious tomatoes
  • Self-watering to provide a steady supply of moisture for optimal tomato production
  • Container growing reduces weeding and chances of soil-borne disease
  • Includes planter, cage support, soil mix and fertilizer
  • For easy mobility, add a set of optional casters, sold separately

Growing tomatoes has never been easier. Our exclusive Tomato Success Kits have helped thousands of gardeners grow big crops of healthier, tastier tomatoes. The self-watering planter has a generous, 4-gallon reservoir that provides a steady flow of moisture to plants. This eliminates the "drought and drown" cycle that stresses plants, helping your tomatoes outperform garden-grown plants by 30% or more. The kit includes a two-part stacking tomato cage and 40 quarts of our exclusive Self-Watering Potting Mix with SuperRoot Booster. Specially formulated for self-watering containers, it offers superior wicking action to ensure plants get the water they need to thrive. SuperRoot Booster with MycoActive® Technology creates the living soil mix that plants need to thrive. The secret? Mycorrhizae, amazing microbes that form a partnership with roots to support vigorous and resilient plant growth. The kit also includes 1 lb. of our Organic Tomato Fertilizer, a 5-6-5 slow-release fertilizer that ensures an abundant harvest of delicious tomatoes (contains peanut meal).

Product Details

  • Self-Watering Planter is 26" L x 19-3/4" W x 10-1/2" H
  • Reservoir holds 4 gallons
  • Tomato Cage is 14-1/2" W x 21-1/2" D x 30" H with 8" legs (38" overall)
  • Two 20-quart bags of Self-Watering Potting Mix
  • 1 lb. of 5-6-5 Organic Tomato Fertilizer
  • For best results, plant two determinate or one indeterminate tomato
  • Tomato plants not included
  • Patented
  • Note: Fertilizer contains peanut meal
  • Gardener's Supply Exclusive

Best in its class


I have grown a lot of tomatoes in several different container growing systems. The Tomato Success Kit is in a class of its own. Every detail in the system is well thought out, durable, and elegant. Bravo for such a reliable and effective product.


Norfolk Virginia

Great for small gardening


Planted my tomatoes on Good Friday and they have doubled in size in just two weeks. Planters look good and ideal for a small garden.


Rancho Murieta

Used them for over 5 years- Texas heat is tough!


I live near Ausin, Texas. Our heat is in high 90's most summers. The self watering feature of tomato and other containers are life savers for my plants. I still have to fill the tomato ones every other day and the smaller flower containers daily. These are super heavy when filled with water, plants, and soil and casters definitely needed. I have the older top fill ones (dogs chewed the watering 'tube' so I replaced it with pvc. The side ones are ok- frogs like to live in there- since the plastic 'cover' does come off, become brittle, get chewed by dogs etc. Do be aware of the fertilizer- my dogs do love to eat it- must be a fish emulsion in there. The wire cage clips do dry up- I wonder why Gardeners doesn't sell replacement clips? And the cages will also tip after heavy tomatoes lean on them in one direction too long. The clips to hold them to the 'bottom' only last a year in our high heat. Baling wire works after that. Those that failed growing tomatoes in them: there are so many factors- is it warm enough at night? Insects affecting bloom? Did you reapply the fertilizer as recommended? The plants you bought? One can't blame the container for all the factors. Overall, a great design and unlike anything else on the market!


Austin, Texas


Wonderfully sized container garden!


This is my third container kit and I use them for my pepper plants! They work really well and are easy to deal with.

Jim D

Fairfax Station, VA


A lot good and some not so good


I have several of these tomato success kits - older styles with water inlet through top and also from end, and also the newer style with water inlet from side. With the newer style, the cage is improved and is easier to setup, but the clips are a bit weak and will break over a few years. Easy fixes to these clips include twine, wire, and tape. However, I had problems with the plastic covers for the water inlets on the side. They became brittle and all cracked to pieces when taking apart my 4 boxes this fall ~ 2 to 4 years of use. The plastics water tubes with the older style planters are still going strong. A home remedy for this broken plastic piece is more challenging. On the bright side, the planter is still in good shape. Not sure that I would buy again.

Alan W


No recommendation


Purchased two of the tomato/potato complete kits. Followed the instructions, requested the additional fix for the self-watering, received only one fix. Results were tiny tomatoes and not a single potato. Not even the start of a potato. Lot of money spent on a different approach to growing tomatoes with not a result at all. Waste of time, energy and most of all money - don't do it.

Rose Lee

Nampa, idaho


Lots and lots of bloom end rot :(


I purchased this product in hopes to be able to give my tomato plants a better home than last year period instead what I got were half dead plants and a bunch of Bloom end rot tomatoes. I'm an avid gardener and don't generally experience problems with any of my plants. I followed the instructions to the T and definitely did not achieve success. :( in fact, the unattended tomato plants that self seeded from last year's garden bed did significantly better than the ones planted in the tomato success kit. I'm currently in communications with the company to get a refund or rebate.




No Success Growing Tomatoes in this Kit


My wife and I were really looking forward to this kit since we have been long time in ground vegetable growers and want to transition to patio growing. We planted a couple of different varieties to begin with and these tomato plants just did not thrive. They did not die, but just stayed stunted and never produced flowers. We thought that it just might be the varieties we picked, so we went with two different varieties and got the same results. They just remained stunted and didn't thrived (no flowers and few new leaves). We planted cucumbers in one of these kits (right next to the tomatoes) and got good results. We treated both tomatoes and cucumbers the same manner and just the tomatoes didn't grow. In the same area we have (in different containers) bell pepper, jalapeno peppers and herbs. All are growing fine. We followed instructions to the letter and did not over-water. Used the provided soil and fertilizer. The only thing we can come up with is that there must of been some virus in either the soil or fertilizer provided that affected the tomatoes.






The tomato success kit is absolutely all you need.


Southport NC


I would buy more than one in the future.


This was easy to use and my tomato plants grew quicker than in my garden. I would strongly recommend this to my friends. A really super addition to my garden. Thank you so much for coming up with this successful product.


Alpine, N.J.


Tomato Success Kit

4.7 385


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