Solar Rain Barrel Pump

Solar Rain Barrel Pump


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Additional Information

Solar-Powered Rain Barrel Pump

  • Pump water from your rain barrel through your hose or irrigation system
  • Empties a 55-gallon rain barrel in about 18 minutes
  • Solar-powered; no electrical outlet or extension cord needed

Now you can use the power of the sun to pump water out of your rain barrel! The RainPerfect™ Solar-Powered Rain Barrel Pump provides a consistent water pressure of 13 pounds per square inch, which is perfect for most drip irrigation systems, low-pressure sprinklers and soaker hoses. It's also plenty of pressure for watering plants in the yard and garden. The control panel mounts on top of most rain barrels; the solar collector is attached to the panel with a 15' cable so you can install it in full sun. Pumps up to 100 gallons on a single charge. Attaches to any standard garden hose, not included.

Product Details

  • Plastic housing, NiMH battery
  • Control panel is 8" x 7-3/4"
  • Solar panel is 8-3/4" square with a 15' power cable
  • Includes 39" flexible hose with filter for inserting into rain barrel
  • Garden hose not included
  • Protect pump from freezing