Solar Irrigation Kit

Solar Irrigation Kit


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Additional Information

Solar Irrigation System Delivers More Water When Plants Need It Most

This is a first—a self-contained irrigation system that waters up to 20 plants at a time using the power of the sun. Just fill a container with water (the bigger the better, but not more than 15" deep), drop in the pump, and place the solar panel in full sunlight. The kit includes a 4" square solar panel with a 15-foot cord, a pump, 75' of 1/4" tubing, 20 drippers, barbed connectors, support stakes and mounting clamps.

  • No faucet hook-up or timer needed
  • Waters plants when they need it the most—during the heat of the day
  • Kit can deliver up to 24 gallons of water an hour
  • Can be used with water-soluble fertilizer
  • Solar panel can be adjusted to control flow

    Product Details

  • Full sun required for best performance
  • Easy to assemble
  • Use any container up to 15" deep as the reservoir (not included)
  • Kit includes: Powerful photovoltaic 4-1/2" square solar panel with adjustable easel for propping or hanging, DC pump with output nozzle and 15' cord, 75' of 1/4" diameter tubing, ten 1/2 GPH drippers, ten 1/2 GPH in-line drippers, barbed connectors, support stakes and mounting clamps
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