Slug-X Trap

Slug-X Trap


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Movable Trap Kills Dozens of Slugs Overnight!

Leave it to a gardener in rainy England to improve on the tried-and-true "beer cup" method of trapping slugs. The Slug-X Trap has a low roof that keeps beer bait fresh and concentrates its enticing aroma. Inside, three large reservoirs vanquish an army of slugs and snails—dozens a night in badly infested gardens! Best of all, Slug-X doesn’t need to be buried, so it can be relocated easily without leaving holes behind.

  • Cover concentrates the beer aroma to attract slugs
  • Move it anywhere in your garden—no digging required

    Product Details

  • 10¼" L X 8" W X 2¼" H
  • Holds 1¾ cups liquid
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