Organic Seed Tape

Organic Seed Tape



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Additional Information

Organic Seed Tapes: Precision Planting with No Waste, No Thinning

  • Seed tapes make it easy to plant straight rows of perfectly spaced seeds
  • Simply unroll in a furrow and cover with soil
  • High germination rates and little or no thinning needed

Seed Tapes are the easiest, no-waste way to plant. Each strip of biodegradable paper is embedded with perfectly spaced seeds; simply unroll into a planting furrow and cover. Planting is precise, there's little or no thinning needed, and the germination rate is outstanding. Seed tapes are also ideal for mid-season succession planting between rows. Each seed tape is 15' long.

  • Carrot Nantes 2: 6" long carrots are sweet and crunchy
  • Detroit Beet: Deep red roots are sweet, tender and tasty
  • Raxe Radish: Bright red roots are crisp and flavorful
  • Palco Spinach F1: Deep-green leaves are mild and tender
  • Rainbow Chard: Multicolor variety is beautiful and tasty
  • Esmee Arugula: Spicy green adds a peppery zip to salads

Product Details

  • Biodegradable paper; organic, non-GMO seeds
  • 15' L
  • Gardener's Supply Exclusive