Seed Bombs with Slinger

Seed Bombs with Slinger


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Additional Information

Sling Seed Bombs to Create an Explosion of Flowers for Butterflies and Bees

  • Use a good old-time slinger to send "seed bombs" sailing far and wide
  • A fun and easy way to introduce seeds for more than a dozen annual and perennial flowers
  • Kit includes rustic screenprinted fabric pouch, 10 seed bombs and a slinger
  • Made in USA

Planting flowers is always a pleasure, but this clever "Seed Bombs and Slinger" kit takes one of our favorite activities to a whole new level of fun. It includes 10 seed bombs — small round balls of red clay, worm castings and a mixture of easy-to-grow annual and perennial flower seeds. Just place each seed bomb in the wood-and-leather slinger, pull back and send the bomb sailing. The seed bomb will burst open when it hits the ground, and the rain further disintegrates it. The clay and worm castings help enrich the soil around the seeds, encouraging vigorous growth and blooming. Flower mix can be grown anywhere in the United States.

Product Details

  • Seed balls contain annual and perennial seeds plus red clay and worm casings
  • Flower mix includes annual gaillardia, baby blue eyes, black-eyed Susan, calendula, dwarf cosmos, French marigold, lance-leaved coreopsis, plains coreopsis, perennial gaillardia, perennial lupine, purple coneflower, red poppy, and sweet alyssum
  • Wood and leather slinger, fabric bag
  • Produced and packed in Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Note: Not a toy! For use with responsible adults only. Do not shoot at or attempt to harm any person or animal, including yourself.