*Push Button Two Tap Adapter
Push Button Two Tap Adapter

Push-Button Tap Adapters


Push-Button Single-Tap Adapter
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Push-Button 2-Tap Adapter
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Push-Button Adapters Provide Easy, Push-Button Water Control, Right at Your Fingertips

  • Turn water on and off with the push of a button!
  • Durable metal adapters are a convenient, ergonomic solution
  • Available in single-tap and two-tap styles

Finally, an innovative, ergonomic solution to turning water on and off! At the push of a button you can control water flow to your hoses, sprinklers or nozzles. Available in single-tap and two-tap styles. The Single-Tap Adapter can be installed at the spigot, between two sections of hose, or at the hose end. The Two-Tap Adapter allows you to attach two hoses to a single tap, with a separate on/off button for each. The one-hand button control is convenient for everyone and a godsend for those with hand weakness or joint pain. Made from durable metal with swivel brass hose couplings for easy installation.

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  • Zinc, brass